Thank You Contributors on our 2014 Indiegogo campaign.

Thank you for your generous giving!

On September 29, 2014 Fitness For Africa launched a campaign to collect funds (USD 70,000) to build a permanent campus for K1 – K3 enabling 90 students to gain an education and to maintain our operations for 2015 for one of our projects in Northern Uganda, Lela Obaro, Gulu – Uganda, Pearl Of Hope School.

The campaign that ended was run for 30 Days on with 50 contributors raising $5,226 USD, 7.47% of $70,000.

We would like to thank all that participated in the roll out of this campaign especially those that dug deep into their wallets and contributed the $5,000.


Even though we did not reach our goal of collecting $70,000, our hearts will not be softened. Our campaign to build a permanent campus for K1 – K3 enabling 90 students to gain an education and to maintain our operations continues. We will not rest until those children get an education that they deserve. If you missed out on the Indiegogo Campaign, you can extend your giving heart by visiting our DONATIONS page.

We would like to extend our special thanks to the following contributors to the campaign…..

  1. Amélie Troop – United Kingdom
  2. Gary Howard – United Kingdom
  3. Melissa Bantum – UT, USA
  4. Eric and Marcy – MD, USA
  5. Jason Mandl – FL, USA
  6. Bud Perreault – USA
  7. Lynda Wallace – USA
  8. Angela – Yiwu, China
  9. John and Cecilia Nigro – NY, USA
  10. Matt Gershner – NY, USA
  11. Lynn Davis – SC, USA
  12. Suzanne Luna – CA, USA
  13. Jim Lomot – TN, USA
  14. Ellen Graham – NY, USA
  15. John Gifford – NY, USA
  16. Barbara DiFiore – NY, USA
  17. Michael Sangirardi – NY, USA
  18. Kerri Gardner – NC, USA
  19. Pam Buscemi – NC, USA
  20. Patricia Kash – NY, USA
  21. Naomi Burgess – NY, USA
  22. Janine, Scott, Leyna and Noah – NY, USA
  23. Cheryl Parisi – NY, USA

And also……..

  1. The Blairs
  2. Olsen CF
  3. Laurie Beinborn
  4. Ruby Sprott
  5. Kate Wallace
  6. Xinyue Packing
  7. Cachita
  8. Chrystal Lucarelli
  9. Nikpro
  10. Artsteph
  11. Stephen Gorchov
  12. Heejam
  13. Ellaw

And all the other anonymous contributors on the campaign

Promised Perks

For contributors on the campaign that were promised perks for their generous special contributions, Ms Heather Parisi will be contacting you to brief you on how you can claim your Perks. Thank you very much for your generous giving.

The campaign continues, please donate to the construction of Pearl Of Hope via secure DONATIONS on our website.