Women’s Pen Pal Project in Uganda

A Woman in Gulu learning Arithmetic

A Woman in Gulu learning Arithmetic  Part of Fitness for Africa’s mission is to build a strong community for not only the students, but also the parents. With the success of our Children’s Pen Pal project, we have created a Women’s Pen Pal project to connect women from all over the world to create an educational bond about the world around us. This project sponsors a literacy class for the women of the community, as well as outreach to the local communities to provide health care information and support.

The project has allowed women to develop a friendship with wonderful supportive women from abroad, and provided a way to learn about a new culture.   Many parents at our school have shown interest in attending our adult literacy classes to help them expand their own knowledge and set a good example for their children. We know that our literacy class will have a lasting effect for generations to come and provide the foundation for a better life through the ability to partake in the community with more strength, understanding and commitment.

Women joining this program are asked to donate a one-time donation of $50 for a year. This money will enable us to support the salary of the literacy teacher, school supplies for the women in the program, health outreach in the local community and improve the income capabilities for hundreds of women throughout the Gulu area.

Women’s Pen Pal Application

Applications received before the 15th of a month will be processed in the same month and participants will receive their first pen pal letters by the end of the month. Applications received after the 15th of the month will be processed during the month that follows and participants will receive their first letter from their pen pal by the 30th of the following month. All pen pals will be introduced with a photo and their letter to you!