Pearl of Hope School - Gulu - Uganda

Pearl Of Hope School

Fitness for Africa was built on the idea of providing a safe haven for the people in the village of Lela Obaro in Northern Uganda and providing the essentials for a healthy lifestyle. During the time spent in the village, our organization found a need to give back and help out by opening the minds of the community to the concept that they have the right to live healthily, be educated and become leaders within their village and far beyond.

With that idea in mind, our community center ensures a place where the kids of Lela Obaro can come and learn about the foundations of everyday physical activity and engage in arts and craft, music and other events that pull a community together. We also provide vital knowledge to their families about how to cultivate the soil to grow and combine foods that provide a healthy balance to their bodies.


Pearl of Hope Gulu

Pearl of Hope Gulu

Pearl of Hope Gulu


Pearl of Hope has been helping Lela Obaro since February 2013 where we started with 30 children. Our goal is to provide the village with a place of learning and happiness. We aim to continue to grow our operations and provide more reach to children and adults just outside the village through our community center. Our main goal is to better the community one physical activity at a time.


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Fitness For Africa is ensuring that we embark upon community outreach to the families within the community to encourage literacy for the parents as well as support, time, and all materials needed to develop the young children of Lela Obaro to become educated thriving members of the community, Uganda and the world around them!