Adult Literacy Project in Uganda

Uganda: The Adult Literacy Facts

Literacy Definition: By the age 15 having the capability to read and write
Total population: 66.8% Literate
Male: 76.8% Literate
Female: 57.7% Literate

In rural areas where access to formal education is quite limited we see adult literacy levels falling to an estimated 35%.  These adults weren’t provided with the option of a formal education as a child, they are peasant farmers working in their local gardens and tending to their one goat or chicken that they obtained in barter.  They have families of eight or more and live on less than $2 a day.  These families are struggling to make their way in the world and falling desperately behind in a technology driven world that their children will grow up in.  The Ugandan government to long ago introduced a program of –Universal Primary Education – with the hopes of reducing illiteracy rates but this program unfortunately does not help those that have already passed school going age.  This high level of adult illiteracy causes these adults to:

  • Lack basic knowledge and understanding about health care
  • Lack understanding about the importance of education
  • Lack the ability to play a vital role in their communities causing the rural areas to be far behind in all aspects of development.

Fitness For Africa is committed to improving the quality of life throughout these rural areas of Uganda and considers education a vital aspect to assuring a sustainable, socioeconomic, cultural, environmental and politically developed society.  It is this core belief that gave birth to our Adult Literacy Project.

Adult Literacy Program in Uganda

Margret Oringa signs in to a meeting for the first time! #Literacy and the power of knowledge.

Adult Literacy class 2013, Gulu - Uganda

2013 Learners – The Men and Women of Lela Obaro

Objectives of the project:

  • To provide adults with the basic tools and structure of reading and writing.
  • To Open the adults’ minds to the importance of an education so that they pass this on to their children.
  • To equip adults with a new skill set that will enable them to engage in more gainful employment opportunities.
  • To provide adults with more awareness of the environmental and health issues that infiltrate their world.
  • To increase the literacy level within the community to foster a community that will grow and withstand ever changing          technologies around it.


Adult Literacy Project, Uganda - Africa

Gulu Women learning basic English

Fitness for Africa has designed this program with the hopes of opening the minds of the adults within the community to a better way of life and a more transparent awareness of the world around them.  We encourage all our adult students to embrace their new knowledge and we hope that it translates in to the support of their children’s educations. Thus providing increased opportunities for employment, more understanding of health, wellness and that this new found knowledge provides for the means of a better lifestyle for themselves, their families and generations to follow.

This project is funded by the Women’s PenPal project. You can also support this project by making a general donation towards the cause.