Help bring organized fitness instruction to schools throughout Uganda!



Fitness for Africa has partnered with Flip2BFit, a US Company that has developed the first and only fitness board game, to bring organized fitness instruction to schools throughout Uganda.  Using the Flip2BFit and Bakari platforms as the core instructional tool to introduce the students to fitness we open minds to healthy lifestyles in combination with physical movement and the enjoyment of physical fitness.  With Flip2BFit we share the concepts of Yoga, Cardio, Stretching and Strength activities with the children and educate them on the importance of a strong body and a strong mind.  Through playing the games the children also develop self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills in combination with improving their command of the English language.

Owilli Emmanuel of The Ministry of Education and Sports, Northern Region, Uganda is now working with Fitness For Africa to approve our fitness curriculum so that we can soon implement Flip2BFit’s organized fitness instruction throughout the entire province of Gulu, Northern Uganda in the coming years.  We plan to later present our curriculum to the Ministry of Education and Sports in Kampala to be accepted nation wide.

flip2bfit Flip2BFit

Follow us as we share videos of the children playing Flip2BFit and hear the voices of the children as they laugh, giggle and  embrace a healthy lifestyle!


Join this project by donating a game to a public school in Uganda … For a small donation of $50 a Flip2BFit Game will be provided to a Public School for use as part of the Fitness and PE Curriculum.   


Community Outreach – Fitness Instruction with the people of Lela Obaro.


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