Carolina Luke

Carolina Luke was born in Colombia and came to the USA when she was 13 years old. After graduating from Hicksville High School in 1997, she went to Suffolk Community College and obtained her Associate’s Degree. In 2003, Carolina met the man of her dreams and went back to college to finally get her Bachelor’s. She graduated from Farmingdale University in 2013, while serving as a wife and mother to two beautiful young girls, Naomi and Nathalia. She is known by many for her fierce personality and her passionate demeanor about everything she chooses to embrace. She loves helping others, but most importantly she believes in making a difference every day. She is a humanitarian at heart and continues to be a determined, strong woman in her work setting and community. She chooses a path by living her life with a purpose and fulfilling her dreams by inspiring others to truly live free.

“Freedom requires responsibility to choose who we are above & beyond, so we can genuinely express the type of person we want to be” — Brendon Burchard

Venetia Troop

Venetia lives in the village of Deeping St James, Lincolnshire, England with her husband Dominic and their daughter Amélie. After graduating from Northampton University in 2001 with a Combined Honours degree in Education with Sociology, she started working for the charity Sense who support and campaign for children and adults who are Deafblind. She has predominantly been a teacher at Bourne Resource Centre (BRC), Sense College, more latterly as Deputy Education Service a Manager of the Centre. BRC offers Education, Crafts, Therapies and Life Skills as part of a lifelong learning experience, for people with sensory impairments and additional learning disabilities. 

Over the past 4 years Venetia has had an increased interest and contribution with a number of charities. This has come from her desire to create positive experiences from those that challenge us emotionally and physically, sharing these experiences and helping others. Her grandmother lived with Alzheimer’s Disease for 10 years. When she passed away in 2012 Venetia took the opportunity to become a Dementia Champion via Dementia Friends delivering information sessions which aim to create more dementia friendly communities.  She has also volunteered for ‘The Miscarriage Association‘, sharing her personal stories with others on national radio and via various other forums. She has a second job with the charity ‘Circles Network‘ who are renowned for building inclusive communities on the foundations of justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships. Her role in the Charity is to run a Youth Club for children and young people aged 8-24 at a local school for children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties.

PHOTO: Venetia Troop (Top left) Venetia and Her Daughter Amélie doing a canister collection (Bottom Left)

Venetia has always been drawn to Africa, perhaps influences from her mother and grandmother who have shared their stories from their years of living in Zimbabwe, for their love of Africa. From the age of 3, Amélie too has shared this desire to help – wanting to send food, water and toys to the children she watched on the television. At the start of 2014 Venetia sought a PenPal for Amélie and stumbled upon ‘Fitness For Africa’. Through the PenPal project and writing to Sandra, Amélie has learnt more and more about life in Uganda, whilst developing a special life long friendship. So much so that Venetia joined the a Women’s PenPal project and has developed her own friendship with Flavia, headteacher at Pearl Of Hope Nursery and Primary School.  Venetia and Amélie raise money and awareness in the UK about ‘Fitness For Africa‘; sharing Fitness For Africa’s vision to provide families throughout Africa with the tools, knowledge and understanding of a healthy lifestyle, to empower them in today’s world and for future generations.  Through a variety of means …. Coin Trails, Canister Donations and the simple means of spreading the word about Fitness For Africa and all that the organization is involved in and plans to do in the future .. Venetia continues to be an advocate for Fitness For Africa and their journey to a healthy life for everyone.

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