Mentor Pen Pal Project in UgandaThe Mentor Pen Pal project was created to provide the students of Pearl of Hope with a big brother/big sister connection with people from all over the world. With these letters, the students will be able to have a mentor who will be their sounding board, while also allowing them to experience a new culture. Our main goal with this project is to present a mentor-like figure in their life to support them as they progress through their studies.

Launching in January 2017, we are excited to see this project grow and reach the standards of our Children’s and Women’s Pen Pal projects. Much like the Children’s Pen Pal project, we will exchange letters once every month and have a Skype session at least once a year, when capable.

People interested in joining this program will be asked to make a one-time donation of $20 per child per year. This money will enable us to assure we have the funds to operate this project. Some of the items needed include: Internet, paper, printing materials, support staff to help the children and transportation to deliver the letters.

Suggested Topics for Pen Pals

We have provided suggested topics for the Mentor Pen Pal Program Schedule for 2017 but please feel free to write about any topics you so desire – these suggestions are just a way to get your mind thinking!!

Please share with us what you are experiencing and what you look to gain as the letters are shared. You can send Photos with your letters however you see fit.  Please make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and look for Pen Pal postings and to share your experiences!

Mentor Pen Pal Application

Applications received before the 15th of a month will be processed in the same month and mentors will receive their first pen pal letters from Pearl of Hope by the end of the month. Applications received after the 15th of the month will be processed during the month that follows and mentors will receive their first letter from their pen pal from Pearl of Hope by the 30th of the following month. All pen pals will be introduced with a photo and their letter to you!