My daughter and I love the Fitness for Africa Pen Pal Program! The Executive Director, Heather Parisi is so helpful in so many ways. My daughter is learning so many facts about Uganda from her Pen Pal. This program boasts a love for friendship, other cultures, and different ways of life. They learn many things from a historical perspective. There are themes monthly for the letter writing, which we love, because it keeps us going with a great topic! Each child learns from each other!

Donna from Virginia

“Thank you lady Heather for initiating a fitness program activities for our young future generation. I have welcomed the program wholesomely in Northern Uganda because Mr. Okello Lwanga explained to me thoroughly about how the activities are performed and the immediate physical benefits to the learners”
Emmanuel Owilli, Senior Inspector of Schools
Ministry of Education and Sports, Northern Region.

“I am so happy to know that Evelyn can concentrate more on her studies and I believe she will treasure what she has at this moment. Thank you for your meaningful work to make them happy.” Becky Zou – Zou Baoqiong, Education Scholarship Sponsor, China.

 “Thanks for the letters. This is so awesome ;-)”
Haslinda Abdul Halim, Pen Pal parent, Malaysia.


“We loved Nelson’s letter and the adorable picture!  So fun to hear more about him.  George is fascinated”
Lindsey Riter Rapp, Pen Pal parent, USA.

 “I like that the children get to have an exchange and learn about different cultures. I think the future of the world starts with children learning to be compassionate with others of all backgrounds”
Naomi Burgess, Pen Pal parent, USA.

Hi…the girls were so excited to see the pictures of their pen pals!”
Melissa Bantum, Pen Pal parent, USA.