Children’s Pen Pal Project in Uganda

Medina’s letter to her Pen Pal Priska in Uganda – January 2013.

The Children’s Pen Pal Project, established in 2011, is a program designed to fulfill a dream of global understanding and connection. Each letter is decorated with drawing and pictures and filled with love as the children share stories about their friends and family. We hope to develop a connection that allows children to expand their views on the world around them. This project is aimed at building one-on-one connections between pen pals and life long friendships.

We give every child personal attention and work with the parents and teachers in order to assure that every child has the guidance and support to write their letters. Together with the parents and teachers at Pearl of Hope, we have worked out a schedule with suggested topics that the pen pals can include in their letters. Children exchange letters once every month and are connected to talk to each other via Skype at least once a year, when available.
As one of the most rewarding projects of our nonprofit, Pearl of Hope is always looking for more students between the age of 4 and 16 to become pen pals. If you are interested in having your child join this program, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page.

Families joining this program will be asked to make a one-time donation of $15 per child per year. This money will enable us to assure we have the funds to operate this project. Some of the items needed include: Internet, paper, printing materials, support staff to help the children and transportation to deliver the letters.

Enjoy a few of our letters & experience the bond that these children are building

Children’s Pen Pal Project in Uganda

Children’s Pen Pal Project in Uganda

Children’s Pen Pal Project in Uganda

Each month, I am humbled as I receive the letters from the children to distribute by the energy, excitement, passion and love that each student pours into their letters and their friendships. This letter above is a pure example of one child sharing a passion they have with their pen pal to create memories and a bond that they can treasure for a lifetime. Open your child’s mind to a friendship that will grow, and be a special part of their life as an adult!

From the United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Uganda, this project has taken on wings and is fostering and building friendships and bonds that I truly see spanning a lifetime! It’s such an exciting journey to watch and be a part. Help us open the minds of children to new cultural experiences and be part of creating friendships to last a lifetime! We look forward to you joining us!

Suggested Topics for Pen Pals

We have provided suggested topics for the Pen Pal Program Schedule for 2017 but please feel free to write about any topics you so desire – these suggestions are just a way to get your mind thinking!!

Please share with us what you are experiencing and what you look to gain as the letters are shared. You can send Photos with your letters however you see fit.  Please make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and look for Pen Pal postings and to share your experiences!

Children’s Pen Pal Application

Applications received before the 15th of a month will be processed in the same month and children will receive their first pen pal letters from Uganda by the end of the month. Applications received after the 15th of the month will be processed during the month that follows and children will receive their first letter from their pen pal in Uganda by the 30th of the following month.  All pen pals will be introduced with a photo and their letter to you!

Please fill out an application for each child that will be participating in the Pen Pal Project.